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Diploma Course

The most effective way for a high-quality gemmological education is the DGemG Gemmology Diploma Course, consisting of the three DGemG-Gemmology training programmes:

  • the Coloured Stones Programme
  • plus the Diamond Programme
  • plus the Pearls/Organic Substances Programme

The DGemG-Gemmology Diploma Course provides the theoretical basics and practical skills which are necessary for the examination and identification of gemstones and their numerous synthetics and simulants as well as treated gemstones. Practical diamond grading and identification of pearls and other organic substances are also part of this education.

The course leads to an internationally recognized qualification, the Diploma in Gemmology of the German Gemmological Association.

The graduates may apply for Fellowship of the German Gemmological Association and, upon election, the right to carry the title F.G.G.. The Fellowship is a highly sought after title of international reputation.

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Next Course:
August 13 - December 07, 2018 (17 Weeks)
Price: € 8.150,00

Diploma Course

  • Coloured stones
    Characteristics, occurrences, practical gem testing with gemmological instruments, identification of synthetic stones, imitations and treated stones, evaluation criteria, preparation of gemstone reports
  • Diamonds
    Characteristics, practical grading, identification of synthetic diamonds, imitations and treated stones, preparation of diamond reports
  • Pearls/Organic substances
    Occurrences, species, qualities, imitations and treatment of pearls, cultured pearls, coral, ivory, amber

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