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Ahmadan Abduriyim, Japan:
The gemological characteristic of Japanese Freshwater Cultured Pearls from the Lake Kasumigaura


Gaetano Cavalieri:
Opening Ceremony Speaker


Robert Chodelka, Switzerland:
Ziemer Swiss Grown Diamonds – A tremendous opportunity for everyone involved in the diamond industry


Branco Deljanin, Canada:
Origin of Pink Diamonds


Emmanuel Fritsch, France:
Dissolved dislocations as empty inclusions in gems


Frank Frühauf, Germany:
Opening Ceremony Speaker


Tobias Häger, Germany:
Colombian Emeralds - an update


Jürgen Henn, Germany:
A Gem of a Life


Michael Krzemnicki, Switzerland:
Where is the boundary between colour varieties of gems?


Thomas Lind, Germany:
Opening Ceremony Speaker


Claudio Milisenda, Germany:
Spectroscopical Research on Gemstone Structure, Colour and Modification: a DGemG/DSEF Perspective


Daniel Nyfeler, Switzerland:
Provenance Proof Blockchain: properties, advantages and how to get onboard


Federico Pezzotta, Italy:
Madagascar Rubellite: deposits and recent production


Kenneth Scarratt, Bahrain:
A recent expedition to acquire and characterize Natural Pearls from Australian Pinctada Maxima


Andy Shen, China:
An updated study on the role of H and Fe in Ametrine and their relationships with colour


James Shigley, USA:
Identifying Synthetic Diamonds: Past progress and current challenges


Tom Stephan, Germany:
The role of V3+ in gemstones coloured mainly by Cr3+, shown by spectral fitting at the example of emerald and ruby

Impressions from the first EGS 2007 in Idar-Oberstein

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